"I have been a client of Patricia's for at least ten years. I value her skill and her ability to see me as an individual, recognizing each time we meet the unique problems or stress consequences I am experiencing.

I am a psychologist, and I often refer anxious clients to her, because I respect her gifts and experience and trust her professionalism and manner - even with highly-sensitive and/or struggling people."
Judith C. Tingley, Ph.D. / Phoenix AZ


"I came to Patricia for an unusual skin condition that caused me a considerable degree of discomfort, and (sometimes) distress. I'd had the condition for 15 years, and I'd gone to several doctors, but none had been able to help. In fact, through the years, my condition had gotten progressively worse.

During our healing session, Patricia told me of three things I needed to take in order to cure my problem. Five months after seeing her and taking her advice, my skin condition went away."
Angela, Phoenix


"I can't thank you enough for fitting me into your busy schedule so quickly for our session last week. I've experienced incredible improvement, not just in how I feel emotionally and spiritually, but in my daily productivity and creativity, as an entrepreneur and artist.

I'm not just calmer and happier, I'm performing at a much higher level than I had been for weeks."
Michelle Rée


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