"I have been to many health professionals, both traditional and nontraditional, since being diagnosed with an illness that causes chronic pain several years ago. I tried everything, including more than 38 medications, physical therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback, energy massage, and more. But, by far, the best results I have received came from my experiences with Patricia Federico.

There is no one I've ever visited (or of whom I've ever heard) whose treatments compare to her approach, uniting expert massage techniques with many powerful practices she has learned through her many years of study in the ancient healing arts.

Patricia has a special aura that emanates trust, peace and care beyond anyone with whom I've ever worked. It's easy to see why everyone to whom I have ever referred her has thanked me for introducing them to such a special individual.

A few years ago, I suffered in an automobile accident. Therapy with Patricia was undoubtedly the best decision I made in recovering physically and emotionally from the accident. I have utilized Patricia in providing relaxation sessions for various groups, including women who have experienced domestic violence, youth leadership groups, and adult networks at the Latino Institute.

She receives rave reviews for her sessions, as each participant leaves relaxed and refreshed. Her evaluations are always exceptionally positive, and participants clamor for her products and ask to be connected to her further, in some manner. I am amazed when I see her connect with each individual - even in a large crowd.

Now, Patricia's gifts and expertise are finding a voice throughout our metro area and the rest of the state (as well as in other parts of our nation).

I expect Patricia to share her knowledge, compassion and insight with greater and greater numbers of people. Patricia is truly a gift to all of us."

Rosemary Ybarra-Hernandez
President / CEO Aguila Youth Leadership Institute

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