Patricia Federico is a gifted intuitive and empath, one of the Southwest's most trusted stress-management consultants, and an alternative healer.
She is an expert in wholeness, wholistic pain relief and wellbeing. She focuses on emotional healing, anxiety reduction and stress management - especially for people experiencing loss and major life transitions.
Accomplished in "traditional" relaxation, pain-management and massage therapies, Patricia is also a learned practitioner of the ancient healing arts. She has mastered techniques developed over millenia and handed down through generations of "sobodoras" (women who heal with, and through, their hands).
In fact, Patricia comes from a long line of sobodoras.

As a child, she had many empathic and intuitive (often called "psychic") experiences and felt a powerful desire to ease suffering and heal.

She spent hundreds of hours studying the ancient healing arts at the feet of her aunt, whose powerful gifts as a sobodora drew hurting people and worried mothers of ailing children to her home
from surrounding communities.

Her aunt's children did not feel the call to heal, but Patricia did. So, she became the vessel into which this dedicated healer poured her knowledge and imparted her inherited gifts.
Her aunt's teachings, confirmed through the many healings Patricia witnessed, affirmed within her the reality our medical community and greater society are now coming to embrace: healing does not only happen on a physical level. It is spiritual
and emotional, as well.

While her aunt's home was warm, accepting and nurturing of her gifts, her own was not. Her mother's fears that Patricia's clairvoyance was from an ungodly source, and the shocked reactions of classmates when events she foretold came to pass, confused and frightened her.

Like many young women of her generation, Patricia chose marriage as an escape - marrying at 16 and becoming a mother at 17. The demands of her new life, coupled with her immaturity, pushed her desire to heal into the background.

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