Though she continued to experience clairvoyant dreams, visions and empathic "knowings," her focus became her family and, over time, her successful career in the corporate world, and acting.

In 1992, Patricia's oldest son almost lost his life twice in a matter of weeks - first in a random, vicious shooting at a Phoenix club, and then when a group of gang members drove up next to him as he filled his car with gas and brought him down with a spray of bullets.

Dreams had warned her of the first shooting, but her son chose not to listen.  When the dreams intensified after the first attack, her son and others tried to comfort her, saying they must spring from her trauma over the nightclub attack.

Of course, they did not.

As her son fought for his life, Patricia immersed herself in prayer. In those hours and days, she made a commitment to God to fulfill her calling to be a healer - not because she wanted to "strike a bargain," but because the enormity of the experience had re-awakened her, spiritually.

When her son recovered, she enrolled in massage school, devoting many hours every week to studying the ancient healing arts and growing, spiritually.

In 1992, she founded Utopia Therapeutics™, a private massage-therapy and alternative health practice, in Phoenix, Arizona. Her clientele grew, as word of her skills, compassion and commitment spread throughout Phoenix.

Traditional medical and mental health professionals discovered Patricia was not only supportive of their work and expertise (unlike many alternative healers), but an excellent therapy provider. They began referring patients struggling with chronic pain or anxiety problems to her for help.

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