Patricia Federico is one of the Southwest's most trusted intuitive experts, stress-management consultants and alternative healers.

She is also the creator of
Madre Tierra Stress-Relief Mist and Nurture Lavender Body Soother, signature formulas which address anxiety and pain through their scent and molecular-nutritive properties.

A trusted advisor to leaders, achievers and people from all walks of life, Patricia focuses on spiritual comfort and insight, emotional healing, anxiety reduction, and pain management.

Her gifts and expertise (garnered over 15 years as a professional healer/empath) make her sessions with people experiencing loss, major life transitions and/or chronic suffering from illness or injury especially effective.

"During our reading, I told Patricia I was thinking about transitioning out of my business into a corporate position in my field.  She told me she felt I would find a very good, secure, meaningful job with opportunity for advancement - approximately 2-3 months after I began looking.  It has been 2 1/2 months since I started my search, and I just got a call from a company with which I've interviewed extensively, for a position just as she described - I got the job!"


Ruby, from Phoenix, Arizona...
"Patricia is a wonderful spiritual guide to me - and has been through the years. I can't begin to express what she has been to me. She tells me that I have grown a great deal spiritually, and I know it to be true. I believe I owe a great deal of my growth to her counseling and support."

Angela, from Phoenix...
During our healing session, Patricia told me of three things I needed to take in order to cure my problem... after seeing her and taking her advice, my skin condition went away."

Marty, from Phoenix...
"Patricia is extremely warm and caring, and one can feel her spiritual support throughout her healing sessions. She really cares, and I can feel that energy. She is compassionate, fun and professional! - all rolled into one. Patricia knows how and when to use humor in her work - sensitively.

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Do you need intuitive insight about your spiritual journey or
life path? 

A reading with Patricia can help! (In-person
or by phone!)


Do you struggle with chronic pain or illness?

Experience relief, hope
and healing during a
sobodora session.


Are stress & anxiety tiring, overwhelming and undermining you?

During an anxiety-relief session, Patricia's techniques will relax, center & empower you!


Need an entertaining, inspiring & insightful speaker for your upcoming event?

Invite Patricia Federico to speak to your organization!